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Surface Mount MLV and MOV Varistors

Surface Mount MLV and MOV Varistors
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What is a surface mount varistor? Surface mount MLV varistors are ceramic devices that use a multilayer-layer construction (MLV) to protect circuits from transient voltage surges. Surface mount MLV varistors are used to protect circuit boards in small electronics from transient voltage surges generated from electrostatic discharge (ESD), inductive load switching or lightning surge remnants. Littelfuse offers five distinct versions of surface mount MLV varistors and one surface mount MOV varistor. The MHS series is a high speed, low capacitance ESD Suppressor for high-speed data lines. The MLE Series is an ESD Suppressor that operates at 18 VDC or less and also provides filter functions. The MLA Series has a wide range of operating voltages and energy. It provides the broadest application range. The MLN Surge Array™ Series provides four MLV varistors in one package and operates at 18 VDC or less. The AUML Series is a surface mount varistor designed for specific transients found in automotive electronic systems. The CH Series is a metal oxide surface mount MOV varistor that is offered in a surface mount package made with zinc oxide material.

Surge Array™ is a Littelfuse brand name.

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