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2.3 x 8mm Fuse

2.3 x 8mm Fuse
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What is a 2.3 x 8mm fuse? The 2.3 x 8mm fuse is a fast acting, ceramic body axial leaded subminiature fuse having a 2.3 mm diameter and an 8mm length. Currently, the 2.3mm x 8mm fuse is the smallest cartridge fuse on the market. These fuses are rated at 125 volts AC and 125 volts DC. The 2.3mm x 8mm style fuses are built in accordance with UL 248-14 and CSA C22.2/No. 248 or IEC 60127-3 Sheet II.

The 2.3 x 8mm Schurter fuse is the only fuse offered with these dimensions.

Our 2.3 x 8mm Schurter fuse selection can be found by browsing our data sheet finder.

An Assortment of 2.3 x 8mm Fuses