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Class H Fuse

Class H Fuse
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What is a Class H Fuse? A UL Class H fuse is a non-current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 10,000 amps. The Class H fuse is a one-time fuse that does not have any appreciable degree of time delay. Class H fuses are rated at either 250 volts AC or 600 volts. The Mersen type H fuse has ampere ratings range from 1 to 600 amps. The Bussmann and Littelfuse type H fuse has ampere ratings from 65 to 600 amps. Renewable fuse links from 1 to 600 amps are available to match the fuse. The Class H fuse is UL Listed under UL 248-5, Class H and CSA Certified.

Bussmann, Littelfuse and Mersen offer the class H fuse.

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