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13/32 x 2 Fuse

13/32 x 2 Fuse
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What is a 13/32 x 2 fuse? A 13/32 x 2 inch fuse is a non-current limiting fuse that offers supplemental circuit protection. The 13/32 x 2 fuse has a diameter of 13/32 inches and a length of 2 inches. It is a fast acting fuse with a pin indicator to provide visual indication of a blown fuse. Ampere ratings range from 1 to 12 amps and the voltage rating is 600 volts AC. The interrupting is 200,000 amps.

A 13/32 x 2 inch non-fuse actuator is also available. This actuator provides blown fuse dropout of shunt-trip fused switches. It is rated at 600 volts AC and has a 200,000 amp interrupting rating. The actuator is UL Listed.

Bussmann offers the 13/32 x 2 fuse using the BussĀ® brand name and the non-fuse actuator.

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