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Industrial High Energy MOV's

Industrial High Energy MOV's
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What is an industrial high energy MOV? Industrial High Energy Metal Oxide Varistors are large terminal mount devices made with zinc oxide discs enclosed in epoxy polymer cases to provide complete electrical isolation. The industrial MOV is used in high energy industrial applications. The BA/BB Series of high energy industrial varistors offer the highest energy ratings with operating ranges of 130 to 880 Rated RMS Voltage Vm(ac) for the BA Series and 1100 to 2800 VM(AC) for the BB Series. The DA/DB Series industrial MOV's have an operating range of 130 to 750 VM(AC) and are offered in a vertical (DA) and horizontal (DB) case design. The HA Series industrial high energy varistors is epoxy encapsulated with rigid terminals for screw mounting. The HC Series is a clipped lead version of the HA Series for through hole or solder mount applications. The TMOV34S Series has a 34mm square body encapsulated in epoxy with a thermally activated element designed to open in the event of overheating per UL 1449. A version with a third lead is also offered to provide open circuit indication. The HB34, HF34 and HG34 Series have 34mm square epoxy encapsulated elements. The HB 34 has rigid terminals for through-hole solder mounting. The HF34 has the same rigid terminals as the HB34 for through-hole mounting with the addition of mounting holes for bolt-down mounting. The HG34 has terminals with formed feet for vertical bolt-down mounting. The DHB34 Series has 2 MOV discs placed in parallel as a single device. The square 34mm discs are epoxy encapsulated with rigid terminals for through-hole solder mounting on printed circuit boards. The CA Series is a bare 60mm MOV disc intended for applications requiring unique contact or packaging methods. The Bussmann TVS Series is a din rail mount MOV with open circuit indication. The Mersen TPMOV® Series is a thermally protected industrial MOV and has open circuit indication and rigid radial terminals.

TMOV34S® is a Littelfuse brand name. TPMOV® is a Mersen brand name.

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