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R Rated Motor Protection Fuses

R Rated Motor Protection Fuses
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An R-Rated fuse is intended to provide short circuit protection of medium voltage motors and motor controllers. It is a current limiting high interrupting rating fuse. R-rated medium voltage fuses are back-up fuses and are not designed or intended to open under overload conditions. R-rated fuses must be applied in series with other devices such as motor overload relays to provide the overload protection for the circuit. R-rated fuses are available in Bolt-in, Ferrule and DIN Style mount versions and have blown fuse indication. Voltage ratings range from 2.4kV to 15.5kV and continuous current ratings from 1R to 36R. An R-rated fuse will melt in the range of 15 to 35 seconds at a value of current equal to 100 times its R (ampere) rating. Interrupting ratings range from 50 to 65 kA. R-Rated fuse are UL Recognized and operated per ANSI C37.46-2000.

Mersen, Bussmann and Littelfuse offer R Rated Medium Voltage fuses.

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