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Semiconductor Fuse - 700 Volts

Semiconductor Fuse - 700 Volts
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What is a 700 Volt Semiconductor Fuse? Semiconductor Fuses are also known as High Speed Fuses or Rectifier Fuses. The 700 volt semiconductor fuse is a current limiting very fast-acting fuse that is offered in several versions. A midget size (10x38mm) version has ampere ratings range from 1 to 30 amps, is rated at 700 volts AC and 550 volts DC and interrupts 160,000 amps AC and 10,000 amps DC. The French cylindrical version (14x51mm and 22x58mm) has current ratings from 1 to 100 amps, is rated at 690 volts AC and 700 volts DC and interrupts 200,000 amps AC and up to 100,00 amps DC. A blade style version is also offered. This version is rated 700 volts AC and DC and interupts 200,000 amps AC and up to 100,000 amps DC. It has ampere ratings ranging from 5 to 1,200 amps. An optional blown fuse indication feature is available on this version. These High Speed Fuses are UL Recognized. The French cylindrical fuses also have an IEC rating.

Mersen, Littelfuse and Bussmann offer a 700 volt semiconductor fuse. Mersen uses the Protistor® and Amp-Trap® Form 101 brand names. Littelfuse uses the POWR-GARD® trade name.

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