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Class G Fuse

Class G Fuse
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What is a Class G Fuse? A UL Class G fuse is a 600/480 volts AC current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 100,000 amps. Ampere ratings range from ½ amp to 60 amps. The type G fuse meets the NEC requirements for branch circuit protection. The class G fuse comes in four different sizes depending on the amperage rating to create a rejection feature with the appropriate Class G fuse block. The Bussmann Class G fuses are fast acting at ½ to 6 amps and time delay above 6 amps. The Littelfuse Class G fuses are all time delay. The type G fuse is listed under UL 248-5, Class G and CSA Certified.

Bussmann, Littelfuse and Mersen offer the Class G fuse.

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